All our kits include covered dashboard with gages, carpeting for the interior and trunk, seats covered in vinyl with carpeted backs, and instruments.  Hinge covers and gages are also included, as are the tubes from the dash to the tunnel.

The steering wheel shown here is a reproduction made by the OEM manufacturer too.  Optional in both 15" and 16" sizes.  An "AC" or "Cobra" center cap is available too.

Driver's side interior


With the street dash comes a useful glovebox.  We can also put the glovebox into an SC dashboard.

ERA makes a duplicate of the original handbrake, or it can come from an XKE Jag.

Our seats use an original-style steel frame shortly.   They are very comfortable - and duplicate the look of the original very closely.  Drivers up to 6'3" can easily be accommodated, too.  Others will require some slight modifications to the pedals.

You can also see the aluminum door jamb trim and OEM door latching hardware, plus the top socket just to the outside of the seat back.

This car has  special tan leather seats with green piping but still maintains most of the standard street configuration.  We can also do complete interiors in special colors.

Top view of seat


This 428 engine has two 4bbl carbs like the original car.  Surprisingly, the original 427 engined cars had only a single 4bbl carb stock, although many were converted to two afterward.

Our footboxes are fiberglass like the original car - which affords some insulation from the heat - but we also use extra insulation between the footboxes and the primary pipes of the exhaust, standard.

Standard splash panels are fiberglass too.  We use an aluminum/gray gelcoat (sorry that the picture doesn't show the true color), but aluminum wheel housings are optional.

The firewall is aluminum too.  Made in marine-grade aluminum so that it won't corrode from normal exposure.



Our standard battery location is on the passenger's footbox like the original street car.  Installation or removal requires only that the valve cover be removed.