Compare Profiles of Various Popular Replicas

We're always looking for the most authentic "side view" of each brand.  If you've got a picture that's better than  below, please send to eracars<at>  If you take a picture, the most accurate profile comes from taking the photo from at least 30 feet away and with the camera at waist level.
Compare overall profile - especially the rear fender - and the angles of the windshield and roll bar brace.  
Some of the other companies have gotten pretty creative..
CSX3155 CSX3155

The (Almost) Real Thing

Shelby 4000 Cobra

Mirrored image


ERA profile


Mirrored image

Superformance Superformance
Mirrored image
Factory Five Racing
Classic Roadster (96" wheelbase) classic roadstger
Backdraft Backdraft
North American Fiberglass


Unique Motorcars


Hurricane Motorsports Hurricane
Contemporary/Burtis (no longer in production)
West Coast West coast
Excalibur Excalibur
The ERA 289/FIA What we regard as a completely different body shape!