The Soft Top   Convertible Top

Our vinyl top duplicates the original in material, look and function.   This means that it will probably leak a little. Wink

The top is removed when not in use and stored in the trunk.  It takes about 5 minutes to erect the top, so a little weather anticipation is helpful.

Installation and top design details are described here.

Soft topWhen you get the optional roll bar with the 427SC, the top must be modified a bit.  A small boot is added to go around the rear roll bar brace.

Convertible top

Those of us who live in less-than-ideal climates can extend the "Cobra Season" by a few months a year with a top and side curtains, especially if you also have a heater.  In hot climates, the top can keep the sun off you too. cool

The weather sealing with this combination is not perfect, but at least the rain won't hit the top of your head!  But hey!  This is a ROADSTER!

The rear section of the side curtain has a sliding clear acrylic section that can be opened for tolls or a little extra ventilation - and to open the door!

Side curtains

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