Several people have put the SOHC "Cammer" into their E.R.A.  This one actually belonged to our General Manager, Peter Portante.  Horsepower is around 550, but the car doesn't feel fast just "piddling" around town.  Torque is meager below 4000 rpm.

The Cammer is BIG.  Many modifications were necessary to fit it into the car:

  • Modified footboxes and wheel housings
  • Completely redesigned steering column.
  • Pedals shifted left.
  • New primary exhaust pipes.
  • New alternator and mounting system

SOHC2 A "turkey pan" and original style expansion tank were modified to complete the proper look for the engine.  Hard to see here, but the steering column comes within a fraction of an inch of the valve cover.  Everything is very tight, including your right foot!

It was necessary to move the alternator down under the right cylinder head.  A tiny Chevy Geo unit was substituted for the Ford unit.

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