The Trunk

Our generous aluminum trunk is available with optional carpetting and a felt liner for interior surface of the deck lid.  When we mount the battery back here, it's put on the shelf above the rear suspension in a special compartment - which also can double as a hidden storage area.

There are also small storage areas behind each rear tire, just in front of the tail lights.  Big enough to strore a jack and tool-kit.

Also note that our taillights are accessible from inside the trunk.  This makes them easier to service and also keeps them out of exposure to the elements.

Trunk panels
Arrow Up  Bare Trunk ----------------- Carpetted Arrow Down
Trunk carpet

Fuel Filler

New!  We've moved the fuel tank feed to the outside, so that the trunk floor is completely flat.

Note that we include everything for the fuel delivery sytem, including hoses, vent lines - and there's even a drain for the body well so that water doesn't accumulate!

The steel fuel feed line from the tank to the front of the car is run, and we can add a fuel return line at nominal cost.

Fuel hose

Every kit comes with the trunk panels fit, complete with the hinges and latch.  Plus, every kit's hinges are powdercoated, standard.

To keep the stress of hinging off the outer skin, both the attachments (on trunk and main body) are done through intermediate inner panels.

We also supply a felt-like material to hide the raw fiberglass no hidden by the inner panel.

Trunk hinge