Registering a Used Car in E.U. Countries

It is extremely difficult to bring a new kit into the E.U.  E.R.A. has made no effort to certify them, or any of their components.  Consequently, the only way to bring ERAs into the E.U. is to import a car that is over 30 years old

Since we are not an "Automobile Manufacturer", we do not supply a 17-digit serial number, nor do we title any ERA finished car.  In the US, the title and serial number is issued by each state after the kit is inspected.  At that time, the kit builder may have to supply each major part's origin and/or proof of purchase.  That is not ERA's responsibility, and we do not keep records for those parts.  The only thing that we can supply to a potential importer is the original invoice for the kit.  Anything else must be aquired from the current US owner.

Each kit is numbered and marked (see  E-mail us with the number to get a scanned copy of the original invoice.