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I really should have posted this sooner, but I wanted to tell about a great road trip my son and I took this summer and comment what a truly comfortable riding car our ERA is.

My 11 year old son Duncan and I packed up our newly fitted soft top, side curtains, camera gear, and 4 days worth of clothes in the trunk and headed out on Friday morning July 20th. Leaving Kansas City our goal was Road America (Wisconsin) for the Kohler International Challenge (vintage race).  We put in about 9 hours on the road that day with frequent gas stops (we only got 12mpg) and stopping at my brother's house in Cedar Rapids, Ia for lunch. Not a complaint from either of us of sore butts or backs, if anything it was just a little cold in the morning.  It was about an hour and a half drive from where we were staying to the track each day, but wisconsin back roads are nicely paved and sometimes curvy, always scenic.

At the track we had a great time meeting up with some of the Chicago Cobra contingent. We did track touring which was fun but kinda lame due to way too much traffic.  

Sunday was more fun at the track, we were mostly there to participate in the McKee reunion and talk to all the great people at the McKee tent.

On Monday we headed home, again a very pleasant ride with no issues. When we got home we had put 1691 miles on the odometer.

I can't thank ERA enough for producing a great handling, comfortable, competent road car. This is exactly what we bought it for. For next summer my wife and I are planning a trip to drive the tail of the dragon and visit Biltmore in the north carolina. I can't wait for that trip.

Best Regards,

Chuck B.  #665


Sometimes a car works well both as a sporting vehicle or a Birthday Girl's special ride.

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