Note - For widths not list here, following the centerline-to-mounting face or mounting face-to-outside edge dimension is preferable to using the backspacing specification.  Unfortunately, most wheels are sold by the backspacing dimension, so the other dimensions must be calculated.   (Tire Size Calculator)

For machining reference, basic drawings of the front and rear Pin-drive hubs are here.

PDF drawings of Pin-drive wheels
(Backspace similar to bolt-ons of the same width
Bolt-on hub dimensions

All dimensions are +/- 0.15"

Bolt-on Wheels

15" Torque-Thrust:

 Note that the optional 4-piston Sierra/Wilwood/Coleman brakes will not fit in these wheels!
Halibrand has a similar wheel that may fit the 4-piston calipers, but we haven't tried them.

A Dimensional Comparison of 15" FIA and 427 Pin Drive Wheels

Both the FIA (left) and 427 (right) are shown. Note that the wheels on both cars come very close to the bodywork.  The 1/2" difference between the wheel offsest will very likely make the wheel rub.  At the very least, it will look "wrong".

Both wheels

The same problems occur in the rear.

17" Wheels: The backspacing is the same for bolt-on and pin-drive designs except as noted.

The distance from mounting face and inner face is critical for 4-piston caliper clearance.

These wheels may be used with 275/40 and 315/35 tires.

Note! Bolt-on Wheels Only:

Add 0.3" to the backspacing when used with the ERA rear suspension.

17" wheels

Safety wiring of the pin-drive-wheel wing nut shown here.

Rear variations

It's important to note that the under-car exhaust cannot be used with wheels with more than 3.88" backspacing.

17" x 11" Pin drive wheel