(Base kit price $54,900)

This is a partial list.  We'll do anything up to a turn-key car.

ENGINES:  E.R.A. doesn't build engines, but we can refer you to a Ford engine specialists who has done good work for us. - $5500 up

RIGHT HAND DRIVE:  Includes dashboard, shifter, wiper location modifications, and special emergency brake handle - $3000

COLD AIR BOX w/BACKFIRE PLATE: For Inglese Induction Weber Manifold - $800

EXHAUST SYSTEM:  A 180 degree exhaust system with tri-flow mufflers for Ford 289/302 engines. Duplicate of the original. - $2500.  Other systems can be custom made.  Price varies with application


  • Expansion tankExpansion tank: An aluminum tank, built to fit perfectly - $350
  • Intermediate tubes(aluminum): Connectors from the radiator to the longitudinal tubes in the chassis. Not necessary, but look good. - $250(pr.)
  • Snow White waterpump: Required with air-conditioning, gives extra space for all - $225
  • Hose package: All rubber hoses, cut to length, ready to install. Price varies.
  • Water neck:  Adapts most 4bbl and Weber manifolds to our expansion tank - $80
  • Water manifold:  Installs on the 2 outlet Weber intake manifold - $40

OIL COOLER:  Complete system with radiator, mounts, fans, hoses and adapters. $500


  • Used transaxles sometimes available:  $2500 up
  • Your transmission partially disassembled, oil passages drilled, filler, drain, and vent installed, and ring gear transposed. Without complete disassembly we cannot guarantee the rest of the gearbox. $400 up.

BELL HOUSING:  Allows the later ZF(5DS-25/2) transmission to be run in an inverted position. It must be used with a smaller Ford or Chevy ring gear and standard American clutch parts, giving extra ground clearance. With intermediate plate. $850

DAMPERS AND SPRINGS:  Spax externally adjustable units with proper springs and spacers $600/pair

ANTI-SWAY BARS:  Front and rear bars with all mounting hardware - $350 each

STEERING GEAR:  New MGB gear with tie-rod ends installed, LH and RHD available - $400

HALF SHAFTS: Complete, with double Hooks joints and sliding splines - $800/pair

SUSPENSION:  Assembled on car: Both pin drive and bolt on wheel suspension is available. Varies with application

WHEELS:  See this page for offsets

  • Bolt-on, 15"-17": Various sizes available
  • Pin Drive, 15" or 17": With all necessary hubs, bearings, etc. Includes front brake rotors. - $6500-$7000

BRAKE CALIPERS, ETC.:  New front and rear calipers, mounting brackets, pads, handbrake handle and all hardware, ready to install - $1600

CHASSIS COATING:  Urethane over Epoxy primer.  Resists oil, gasoline and brake fluid - Ask for price.

CHASSIS UNDERCOATING: A wax based rust-proofing is sprayed inside strategic areas of the chassis to seal the internal sheet metal against moisture - this is really not necessary for rust prevention though. We also spray a heavier asphalt base material on the vunerable outside surfaces (and fiberglass) that are susceptible to rock damage from the inside - $400

SUSPENSION COATING:  Special ceramic-type by Central CT Coatings equivalent to Jet Hot. Very durable, and looks great. Silver standard, but many other colors available.  Powder coating also available.

SOUND DEADENING:  Heavy foil-backed asphalt panels are glued in strategic areas to damp out resonance. They add about 50 lbs. to the car - $200

AIR CONDITIONING /HEATER: This complex system, while not automatic, offers foot, knee, and face level vents that are easily controllable. Fresh and/or recirculated air is heated or cooled in a system that mounts completely within a box very similar to the one in the original street cars that housed only the heater. Installation is easy and the unit takes only a small amount of interior room. - $3000.  The heater is available without air. - $650


  • Seat grommets Style of original race car. (Std with leather) - $200
  • Leather I Seats, shift and emergency brake boot are included - $1500
  • Leather II Rear bulkhead and console - $800
  • Door Blister As tall as Dan Gurney? You might want this bubble for the door top - $50
  • Road Car door With sill mounted chrome release handle - $500
  • Road Car door With flush "buckle" type release handle. With storage bin  - $350
  • Road Car dashboard With multi-function stalk switch and road car switch layout - $500
  • Smiths instruments These duplicates of the origingals substitute for the standard Stewart Warner gages - $700
  • Combination switch Signal and headlight dip used on the street version of the GT40 - $300
  • Speedometer Cable (For SW) With 90 deg adapter, reduction gear. (Smiths $50 extra) - $275
  • Hydraulic scissors jack, mounting bracket and dead-blow hammer - ask for price.
  • Seat adjusting tracks, Allows 4" of adjustment to supplement the adjustable pedals - $ 80
  • Car cover, outdoor Waterproof, but doesn't breathe - $140
  • Car cover, indoor Dust and scratch protection - $160

BODY FLARES : Front and rear flares, as per Gulf/JW LeMans winner #1075 - $2000

CIBIE HEADLIGHTS Original syle, installed. A must! - $800

WIPER ASSEMBLY included rebuilt motor with stroke modifications, drive cable and wheelbox - $375

ASSEMBLY:  Labor to assemble car, less engine and transmission - $7000

  • Supplies and Materials for assembly - $800

Prices subject to change without notice.