The Car Exchange

Carroll Shelby

By Dennis Adler

Across the street from Carroll Shelby's office is a big dirt lot, and that's where we had been working all morning. photographing Shelby, a mint condition AC Cobra and a 1982 GT 350. Now we're probably saying, "Hey, a Typo, he meant a 1965 G.T. 350". Nope. 1982 is right - well almost, actually 1965 is correct also. Confusing isn't it? Stick around, it all makes sense later on.

After the photo session we went to lunch. Not at a restaurant, but back at Carroll Shelby's office. It's complete with a kitchen, so a good Texas meal is never far away. Shelby made up some Tamale pie, naturally, using his own chili in the recipe, and some homebaked, (officebaked?) cornbread, to get us settled down for a long session of Carroll Shelby on Carroll Shelby. Somewhere in all of this, we managed to cover everything from the early days in racing, to the Cobra and G.T. Mustang programs at Ford, replicas, and those 1982 G.T. 350s sitting outside the office.

The Interview