CE: People really associated the GTCS with Carroll Shelby.

Shelby: Yeah, but they really didn't, and the whole idea of the program at Ford was to take what we could do away from the system, and fit it in. If you look at the Shelbys, and the Detroit Mustangs, you'll see that their '68 looked like our '67, and the '69 looked an awful lot like our '68, and so on. it was the name of the game back then. The only excuse that Carroll Shelby had for existing at Ford was to let them use our cars for market research. The people that utilized that more than any three at Ford, were Don Delarosa, Gene Bordinat and Lee Iacocca.

CE: Weren't you kind of being used?

Shelby: That really didn't bother me. They just wanted to see how the designs would sell, and hell, they sold every car as fast as we put them in the dealer showrooms. 1/ 1 couldn't help Ford make a few bucks, there wasn't any excuse for me living - automobilewise.

CE: If you had it to do over again, would you?

Shelby: Oh, I'd change some things, but I don't think anybody in the world during my lifetime, has been as fortunate as I have, done as many things as I have, made as many friends, or been into as many interesting projects. Nobody has been as fortunate as I have…

But I'm not through yet!

As they used to say in the newspapers -

Watch this space...

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