Front fans

The two 10" aluminum bladed electric fans are mounted on a black powder-coated steel bracket. Rubber insulators between each motor and bracket reduce fan vibration and noise.

F fan BlowupEnd plates on the bracket are easily adjustable to fit between panels separated by from 25 1/2" to 27". By trimming and drilling new holes, the bracket adjustment can be increase to 21"-28". The fans are fully wired and pre-assembled onto the bracket for easy installation.  The nut plates are aluminum and all the hardware is stainless steel.

The fan motors only draw about 8 amps @ 14V, but will cool most small block engines with an adequate radiator. If you are using a big block engine, a supplemental behind-the-radiator fan should be combined with the front fans.  The original Cobras overheated quite often with this design.

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