Air cleaner, S&H
  • Chrome plated top and bottom
  • Paper element icluded

Dual air filters

Cold air box (Turkey Pan)
  • Hand formed aluminum
  • Fits single 4bbl Holley carb.

Turkey pan

Oil pan, made by Canton
(front sump, approx. 7.5 qts)
  • FE Engine, street (390-427-428)
  • FE Engine, track (w/ one-way doors)
  • Small block Ford (289-351)
  • Includes pickup

FE Pan

Side pipe set, bare steel
  • Duplicates original race part
  • With internal "glasspack"
    for street running
  • Includes brackets for mounting
    (require welding)
  • Shown with ceramic coating

Side pipes (painted)

Side pipe set, stainless steel
Pin-drive wheels
  • Five pin mounting system
  • Front: 7.5" wide x 15"
  • Rear: 9.5"  wide x 15"
  • With all adapters and wing nuts
  • Inquire for available offsets
    and bolt circles

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Five pin wheel

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2005, Era Replica Automobiles

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