Rear Fender Flares

Some of the original Comp cars had an exaggerated rear flare (shown at left).

The right shows our standard flare.  The difference is subtle but noticable to the "trained eye".  The comp fenders don't, however, have any more room than our standard flares for larger tires.

The original competition cars had the Comp dash, a rivet-on hood scoop, jack pads and roll bar, so many of our kits end up with an authentic Competition Car look at the whim of the owner.

The dashboards of the street and comp versions also differed in their layout.


Blue SC

Less noticable are the difference in front parking lights between the Comp and street versions.  The comp version had a twist-off lense, which was originally white.  White is no longer legal in most states, so we now supply an amber twist-off as standard.  The street version used an amber lense held on with two screws.

The blue/white stripe scheme was an original color scheme on the factory race cars.  For those with other cars who are too cheap to buy our complete assembly manual, tonguethe stripe dimensions are available here.

The original side-pipes were painted with high temperature paint.  Not chromed, stainless steel or ceramic coated.  Unfortunately, the VHT paint usually only lasted about a year before requiring maintenance, but with the original race cars, this wasn't a primary consideration.