Birth of a new machine -
Building a Cobra Kit Car

Copyright 1996, Daniel Jl Somers

This article was originally published on the Delphi Automotive Forum, but was removed after a couple of years.  Fortunately, we saved the pages - and Dan has graciously allowed us to re-post the story on the ERA site.  
Dan Somers may be reached via e-mail here.

Part 1: Why Would Anyone Want To Do This?

Part 2: How To Select a Kit Manufacturer

Part 3: Planning the Project

Part 4: Ordering the Kit

Part 5: Things To Do While Waiting

Part 6: Hello, Dan? Come Get Your Cobra

Part 7: Make It Vineyard Green, Please

Part 8: Soul Searching

Part 9: Details, Details, Details

Part 10: The Real Fun Begins

Part 11: Connect the Dots

Part 12: Time To Move Inside

Part 13: The Home Stretch

Part 14: Firing It Up For the First Time

Part 15: Making It Legal

Part 16: How Sweet It Is!

Part 17: What Went Wrong?

Part 18: The Best Summer Ever