Pin-Drive Wheels

For the ultimate in visual and mechanical authenticity, you should use Pin Drive wheels. All pieces are available from E.R.A.: Our one-piece hubs have the original six-pin drive pattern (see below) so you may use the original Halibrand magnesium wheels, Vintage Wheels, Trigo or PS Engineering aluminum reproductions.

Front wheel, Trigo 15"Trigo 15" pin-drive wheels come in 7" front and 9.5" rear widths.

The scalloped backside of the 6-pin wheel minimizes weight.

(Note the solid center of the 5-pin wheel below.)
Back side of pd wheel
6-pin hub
Front One-piece hub for 6-pin wheels
Rear 6-pin hub
Rear One-piece hub for 6-pin wheels
5 Pin wheel stuffFive-pin pin-drive wheels are also available from Trigo and Vintage Wheels.  The wheels look exactly like the 6-pin from the outside, but are driven by special lug nuts that hold on the pin drive adapter.  These will add about 4 pounds per wheel, but the system will save you about $1000 over the original six pin wheels.

Trigo's 5 pin wheels are only available in 15" diameter.  Widths are the same as for the 6 pin wheels.

17" Wheels

PS Engineering and Vintage Wheels offer a 17" wheel for front and rear, using the original 6-pin or 5-pin configurations.  The wheels are manufactured from a cast center mated to a spun outside rim (Trigo).  There are no bolts - the rim is shrunk fit onto the center and welded on the inside, making a light and strong combination.  The 9.5" wide front wheel is shown here with a 275/40-17" tire.

Vintage Wheels offers a one-piece cast wheel in 8" and 10" width.

Front 17" PS Wheel
Rear 17" PS Wheel

PS's 11.5" wide rear wheel shown here holds a 335/35-17" tire.  The lack of high speed tires available for 15" wheels makes the 17" wheel better for high-performance driving, although the perfect visual accuracy is lost.

The tires stay under the bodywork quite nicely.

There are also several vendors with bolt-on wheels that try to duplicate the Halibrand look.  Some are better than others, of course.  Check out Team III Wheels' model AC III.  They are available in 15", 16" and 17" sizes in various widths and offsets.  (Tel. 510-895-8880)  PS Engineering also makes a bolt-on variation of his pin-drive wheel.

The disadvantage for bolt-ons is that the lugs are still visible and the original twelve spoke design has been change to 10 to accommodate the lugs.  Total cost with knock-offs will be in the order of $1600-$1800.

Car with Team III wheels

Team 3 Wheel

15" Team III Wheel

The Original Sunburst (Street) Wheel

All the wheels shown above are the "GT40" style, used on the original 427 Comp cars, but our first kit was assembled with Sunburst wheels - take-offs from an original car.   This narrower (7" front and rear) Sunburst wheel was used on the street 427 cars.  They are not reproduced by anyone, but may be available as take-offs from the original cars.

Sunburst Wheel